Magical Homemade Props Brought to Life by Dedicate “Harry Potter” Fan

Magical Homemade Props Brought to Life by Dedicate “Harry Potter” Fan

For clarification, what is your name and where are you from?

I’m Corinne Adams, I am originally from NJ but ended up in Rhode Island after several moves.

How did you start getting into prop making?

I have a degree in Fine Arts and love the challenge of making an interesting prop. (My speciality is spooky stuff so Potter is right up my alley!) I would want some creature or character and not being able to find it online I’d try making it. This solution worked, as in a house elf! I wanted one big enough for my Halloween display (which is Knockturn Alley.). That’s how “Kreacher” came about!

When you want to start working on a prop, what kind of research do you do? Is there a trick to getting the prop to look as authentic as possible?

When I want ro make a prop I research everything about it. The mandrake root baby for instance. I read about them but then I looked at images online and in books and chose how I’d like to see it-grouchy, kind of mean! To make it look authentic when copying an existing piece I keep a picture right in front of me when sculpting.

Which of your projects took the longest to complete? Was there one in particular that was hard to work on?

13 shrunken heads took the longest. It was still a lot of fun! They all looked different so I was never bored but it was time consuming. Since making an indoor Halloween display in our basement I also painted the floor faux Belgium block which took 24 days-my biggest “canvas” to date. (I admit that sometimes it’s just easier to buy something already available and perfect like the Cornish Blue Pixies. I painted a bird cage black and stuck a few in-done!) Tom Riddle’s diary was interesting since I like to make them from old books (as gifts for friends.). But I finally took my Noble collection diary and transformed it into the beat up cursed diary and I have no regrets-it looks really scary and authentic.

How many props in total have you completed?

I have quite a few-Kreacher, one “mounted” house elf head, 13 shrunken heads, also One shrunken head (to touch and see not in the locked window cabinet), one Grindylow, one garden gnome, one mandrake baby, 1 1/2 Monster book of monsters, (LOL), one dementor, one Hand of Glory, many “aged” skeletons…lots of signs. ((My husband builds the 18th century buildings for the Alley and I paint them and letter the signs.) I lost count on the props.

Do you have plans to create more?

I’d love to make more for my Halloween display….I have plans to make a “Nargle’ next! Maybe a Kneazle!

What’s been your favorite prop to work on?

I have no favorite-they were all fun to make. I just hope I don’t run out of ideas! We only have so much room so I keep most of them on the “small” side.

Do you display your projects anywhere?

I only display them at Halloween for trick or treaters. I also make faux Harry Potter books, paper wands, and other little items to give to Potter fans at the school where I work!

What is your favorite book/movie?

I absolutely love the first book and movie, Sorcerer’s Stone. I think it’s because when I saw this movie with my sister I fell so hard for the whole story line I have never looked back once! I was an immediate fan. The magic is all new and fresh for the unaware Harry-you just know the adventures are going to be awesome.

What is your Hogwarts House?

Need you ask? Slytherin of course! (There are a lot of great wizards from Slytherin, terrible yes, but great!)