Six Ways to Pass the Time in Quarantine

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We may be on lockdown for a while, might as well use this time to your advantage.

With quarantine being the new normal, it’s time we learn how to handle being inside. Staying home sounds great at first, but with summer now in full force, filling our time can be difficult. Most gyms are closed, the movies aren’t playing, beaches are risky, and there’s a pandemic running wild. Fear not, Terriers, here’s a list of six things you can do to pass the time while social distancing.

1. Pick up a new hobby

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Whether It’s learning an instrument or starting to draw, having a hobby is essential to easing the stress of quarantine. Maybe it’s time to finally learn that new language. We may be on lockdown for a while, might as well learn a new skill while you have the time.

2. Play video games

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Gone are the days where video games were only for “nerds.” Gaming is a legitimate way to pass the time during the quarantine. Get your friends on board and hop online. You’d be surprised how much gaming with your friends can ease your quarantine anxiety.

3. Find someone to chat with

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So, we can’t chill with our friends, but it could be worse. We thankfully have ways to connect to those close to us even when miles away. Take the time to video chat with your friends during the quarantine. It will keep your relationships strong and give you some much needed social interaction.

4. Invest in some headphones

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While not exactly a pass time, headphones are key to staying sane while in quarantine. Almost everything we do needs headphones at this point: listening to music, watching Netflix, talking to friends, etc. Picking up some quality headphones is going to make your life so much better. Besides, We need to hear that tiger king audio with crisp quality.

5. Find a good book

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Books have been criminally underrated over the past few years. People have gotten away from reading in favor of movies, videos, and games. Nothing compares to that feeling of getting lost in a good book. It might be time to dust off those Harry Potter books and give them a re-read.  

6. Don’t forget to stay active

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It’s hard to go out and stay fit during quarantine, that’s why it’s important to get your workout in at home. Getting a small set of weights or even just following exercise videos is a great way to stay in shape. Just don’t do what we’re doing, eating everything in our cabinet when we get bored.

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