The Mandalorian Director Explains Why Working on the Series was Terrifying



Working on a Star Wars project may be a dream come true for many, but for Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard, directing Star Wars: The Mandalorian was a “terrifying” experience.

Better known as an actress appearing in movies like The Village, Spider-Man 3, and films from the Jurassic World franchise, Howard is new to the directorial game. Before leaping into The Mandalorian, the young filmmaker had only directed a few short films and a 2019 documentary called Dads.

Of course, the pressure of working on The Mandalorian was daunting, even if she only had one episode to direct. After all, Howard’s assigned episode in the hit Star Wars series was a key chapter in The Mandalorian, one that would introduce Gina Carano’s Cara Dune.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Howard opened up about the immense pressure that she felt directing “Chapter 4: Sanctuary.” One of the filmmaker’s biggest concern was keeping Baby Yoda a secret.

“All the kids that were on set, I had conversations with each one of them, just about keeping Baby a secret. And they were all just so great,” Howard told the entertainment news outlet, “But my kids, every single day when they were going back to school, before school, I would say, ‘Who do we not talk about today?’ And they would be like, ‘Baby!’ It was amazing to get to see my kids on a Star Wars set, just having the time of their life.”

Of course, Howard would feel pressured to keep Baby Yoda a secret, especially while working with child actors on her episode. After all, Lucasfilm was trying its best to keep Bay Yoda a secret before launching The Mandalorian on Disney+. The young filmmaker wouldn’t want to undo all of that.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is available for streaming on Disney+.

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