US firms mandate vaccines for workers

US firms mandate vaccines for workers

A growing number of companies in the United States are requiring that workers get fully vaccinated, as the Delta variant drives a fresh surge in infections around the world.

One of the country’s leading newspapers, the Washington Post, is scheduled to have employees partially return to work in mid-September. It will require that all staff provide proof of vaccination, as many have expressed concerns about the Delta variant.

The Walt Disney Company says workers at all of its US theme parks will need to get their shots. It is also mandating that new hires be fully vaccinated before starting their jobs.

Retail giant Walmart is telling employees who work at US headquarters to be vaccinated by early October.
The current incentive for store employees will be doubled to 150 dollars.

Streaming service Netflix is mandating that the casts of all of its US productions get their jabs.

Ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft say employees who want to return to the office must also be fully vaccinated.